about Salone la Allegria



この3つの願望を叶えることを人生の喜び"Allegria"とする方々が集う場でありたい…それが、"Salone la Allegria"の理念です。

"Salone la Allegria"は3つの Caffè の融合体です。

"Galleria Caffè"

"Live Caffè"

"Educo Caffè"

" Educo"は、 "Education"の語源となっているラテン語ですが、

We think that person originally has THREE DESIRES,
"To want to touch the comfortable and beautiful things",
"To want to continue having a healthy heart and body",
"To wants to satisfy intellectual curiosity, and to raise sensitivity".

We want our shop to be the place where people assuming that "to grant these three desires" as "to douceur de vivre "Allegria" gather…
That is the idea of "Salone la Allegria".

We produce three Caffè as "Salone la Allegria".

"Galleria Caffè"
You can be involved in various arts to change monthly and can also purchase favorite arts, with enjoying a drink.

"Live Caffè"
You can feel a live performance played by professional musicians whole body at point-blank range, with enjoying a drink.

"Educo Caffè"
You can really move your body by various activities and can learn the wisdoms that is important for your heart and body, with enjoying a drink.

"Educo" is Latin becoming the etymology of "Education", and the implication is "draws the human talent that originally possesses it inside".