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In Italy, there is the culture called "the bar".
The spelling is "BAR," but is different from both Japan and American "bar" and Spanish "Bar".
In Italian "BAR," you can enjoy even liquor and coffee and light meals and sweets during opening time, and sometimes it may be a place of a gelato shop, a convenience store and the circle activity.

It is "BAR" which is such an Italian culture that we aim.

In China, there is the proverb that "I cannot miss the tea all day long even if I do not consume a meal for three days either". They are considered that the custom to drink tea is such important.

It will be because that the custom to drink is good at all in mental health not to mention it being good to drink tea for physical health.

Therefore, we order various drink material from each specialty supplier including a Chinese tea leaf specialty, the herb tea specialty to be able to enjoy the tea which does the body and the heart in good health.

In addition, we think that "to enjoy a drink through a cup and a glass" is "to enjoy cross-cultural communication".
In the world, there are various "how to drink" cultivated through a geographical characteristic and a historic background in each area.

We catch, "To enjoy a drink" as "culture" and keep it in mind to reproduce the amusement in a various country as a thing conveying the culture as possible faithfully, and we try to suggest new culture goes.

In addition, we provide the food and sweets menu using wisdom-based "YAKUZEN:recipes using the ingredients' property and effect of the Chinese medicine" which create healthy, beautiful bodies while being delicious.